Known to Be Known

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What is our significance in this life? Why are we here?

Whether you believe in God or not, have never opened a Bible, or have varying degrees in your experience and knowledge of Jesus; 
Known to Be Known gives you a personal glimpse into a life of someone hungry for identity, significance, and that intangible more to life. Lyndsie Schnoor shares portions of her own journey as a Christian moving from religion to relationship in a beautifully orchestrated story of humility, perseverance, questioning and revelation.

This book is an invitation not an explanation to faith. It is not another attempt to persuade, argue or defend a position or theology. Lyndsie’s perspective on our individuality and uniqueness as intentionally designed in the context of every day life makes you wonder and question the opportunity that Jesus presents.

What if there is so much more available than you thought?

You can teach the things you know, but you share the things you have experienced. As Lyndsie shares her own experience and process, you are given the opportunity to be challenged, inspired and finally to step into your very own unique adventure as you get to know God and He reveals Himself through you.